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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wine Tourism In Italy

I wrote different posts about the wines of Campania, Italy in my other travel blog (listed in the bottom) and plan to describe some of the wines in next posts. That is why I was attracted by the news notice about strange use of the wine in Nord of Italy. One of the enterprises decided to attract persons offering them baths of wine (not wine-wine but extract from the must), massages with creams made with wine/must, rooms made inside the "barrels" (not natural). They say, there are queues months and months long to enjoy this invention. Yes, it's interesting.

Вино и Керамика

I wonder if the wine-makers from Sud Italy, those that love their wines so much, those that make everything possible to occupy their good place among the world known leading figures would create something similar if they could. Speaking with some of them in the testing I understood, they are very proud of their wines because they are born there, because they continue the millenary tradition, because their vines are so special while growing in the National Park of Vesuvius... I think, this, from North Itlay, attraction, devalue the high level of appreciation that wine-makers wanted (at least I understood it so) to create.

What do you think about it?

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