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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Pirates' Paradise Island

This is the last post from the series about pirates of the Caribbean sea and their treasures. The first post I wrote on the 2/28/10 and there were other 5 posts.

We found sure places where the treasures wait for us.


Nassau, the last place related to pirates we are discuting here, is the capital of Bahamas, a 29-islands country. These islands were very popular place where pirates had their meetings in XVII-XVIII centuries and there are surely treasures to discover here too. But I have instantly disappoint you, if you as me dream about a trunk full with coins and jewelry. The government of Bahamas banned ANY treasures searching activities and you will have a bed result if you try it.

So, the only treasures we can enjoy there are Paradise Island with that incredible hotel with enormous aquarium, different tours that offer agencies and the glance of the nightlife.

One more consideration. Some parts of the capital, Nassau, are not very sure till today, so it's better to visit only those parts where there are not problems with security of the persons.

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