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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Fashion Of The Pirates' Treasure

If you read my posts about the pirates and their treasures, you surely noticed, they were very active in the Caribbean sea in XV-XVIII centuries (Finally the Pirate's Treasures For Us!!!, An Other Pirate's Island, Pirates of Port Royal/ Giamaica and others) I thought, why the pirates were so successful? They say, some of the ships were even more new and had more arms but they allowed the pirates to conquere them.

Probably, the matter was the crews that were fashinated by the freedom and the reputation of the leaders of the bands. They say, there was not discrimination by color of the skin, and everything the pirates took, they devided in equal parts between all the members of the crew.


Interesting is the story of one pirate named Bellamy Sam and the ship Whydah Gally. Black Sam was able to sack 54 ships after he took this ship for him. Al the treasure of 54 conquered ships was in Whydah. The ship became too heavy, sank in a storm and the cannons and treasures covered all the persons (only 2 remain alive). Re-discovered in 1982 only a part of the ship's treasure, the rest is waiting for us.

Bellamy was only 29 years old when died. The yougest member of crew had less than 11 years (Barry Clifford found his shoe and a sock).

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