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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strange Museen

The videos here are not for sensible persons.

There are different strange museen all over the world. One of them is situating in Holland, Oegstgeest. It's a look inside the human body interesting for adults and children too. I found one video where you can see some interesting moments of the visit. There is a slide show in the official site Corpus -very impressive.

Unfortunatelly I could not insert the video, so you have to pass to YouTube

I just wanted to make a roundup of scientific museen. Some of them I vesited. For example, the museum of the medicine in Riga, Latvia. I walked through the rooms with the mouth open, I remember. It was many years ago. The other from the historical scientific meseen is Kunstkamera, S. Petersburg, Russia, collected by Zar Peter I. The video here shows the most shoking and old part of the collection, so, if you are too sensible is better if you pass DO NOT WATCH these video.

The other similar museum is "Dupuytren" in Paris. The museum of the patologic anatomy.

We are afraid of these sides of the life. But it's reality. And it's good maybe to see all this to appreciate the life we have and the body the good God gave us.

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