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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dead Sea Treatments And Attractions

An other marvel of this world I want to tell you about today is the Dead Sea, situating between Israel and Jordan. This salt lake is the deepest in the world, but the most interesting peculiarity of this place is that it's situating 422 m below the sea level! And if you look now at the map, you will notice that it is not so far from the Mediterranean sea. How is it possible, I asked myself? Probably it's because from both sides of the lake there are mountains protecting it from all the other world: winds, climatic changes. Imagine that not far from it there is a desert too!

These position of the Dead Sea makes it very interesting for travel. A visitor can pass relaxing days near the lake healing maybe his/ her rheumatism or arthritis or respiratory disorders, inspiring the aerosol of the minerals of the evaporating water and taking water and mud baths. Tourism is the main industry there, and Dead Sea hotels have very friendly staffs and home like atmosphere. Some of them are situated directly on the beach of the lake.

Staying in these hotels you can visit Jerusalem distant only one hour journey from there, or, riding a camel, reach one of the next oasises. Among the other activities you can climb the rocks or watch animals that live only in this area.
There are many important sight-seeings in this zone too. It's enough to mention the Massada fortress where 1000 men, women and children prefered to die to avoid slavery in Roman Empire. As you see, Dead Sea promises us not only unforgettable vacation but good health too. Where do you find an other place like this?

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