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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Outdoors As Essential Part Of Any Weight Loss Plan

Article Directories are valid resources to find interesting advises and stories about the personal experiences of the persons that had just tested them. We often underestimate different outdoor activities in our life. I liked the article Norwegians go to forest as usual as us go to Square on weekends describing enviable love of the citizens of the North Europe's countries to their nature. I personally could notice it when I was in Finland, where the persons go in the forests to run or to walk (they have special paths with huts etc there). For those who passes the life near computer or in an office, for all us stressed from the life in the cities nature is the best way to forget our depressions observing birds and flowers, fishing or picking mushrooms.

Уральская осень

An other article continues the theme with observation that Exercise are essential ingredient in any weight loss plan. We do not want understand this simple thing -we need to have harmonious relationships with nature to have good health and as consequence normal weight. The good God did not create computers and cities when He gave birth to this world. And this is the main reason why we need nature. It's our home, and we have to stay in touch with it. Sometimes our "stay in touch" means "destroy". It's enough to see the places where we had picnics. I think, we have to do everything possible to change our habits to live this world alive to our children and that our children do not destroy it too.

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