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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Balinese Story of Life after Death

From scientific of view, most people would say that any story of life after death may sound irrational and not making sense. Not for Balinese people. There are so many stories about Balinese people who are officially announced dead but then back to life again. Is it true or fiction? Well, I am a Balinese and I used to not believing such stories. Until one day I saw with my own eyes, a Balinese was officially announced dead and all the villagers were about to bury his body but his family member insisted the villagers not to bury him as he left a message that he was only in temporary dead mode and was going on mission to the ‘next world’ to complete his mission as a highest supernatural practitioner. He said on his note that he would ‘passed away’ only for the period of 30 days.
Sounds crazy? Indeed. How do we explain a person is in ‘dead’ state for 30 days? No food, no water, no nothing. His body is laying down in a coffin, closed eyes, no breathing, no heartbeat. Simply just dead. Then after 30 days, he woke up again, just like that. Woke up from a very long sleep. His name is Pak Kadek, a famous Balinese supernatural practitioner in Nusa Penida Island. Once he told me about what had happened during the 30 days. I asked him how does it feel to be dead? Where had he been?Is there really ‘the other world’ and a lot more curios questions.
Pak Kadek said that the 30 days dead is part of his final ‘thesis’ in pursuing the highest title in the world of super natural. Actually he is clinically dead but not spiritually. He is using the highest technique of yoga in order to keep his body survive of 30 days without any food and water. Once he entered the state of dead, he can see that his soul (locally known as ‘atma’) get out of his body. His atma then flew away to the next world what so called heaven and hell. He even can see his body is laying down while the other side of him flew away. Pak Kadek told me that heaven and hell does exist, just like what Balinese Hindu believe. There are so many Balinese technical terms here but I will not explain it so I will be using plain English. When his atma entering the gate of the heaven, of course the guard of the heaven’s gate asked him, why on heaven he came to heaven without any note from the god of death. Of course he would be rejected as his time has not come yet, he supposed not to dead yet. Simply no room without reservation.
Pak Kadek (his soul) then explain to the guard that his trip this time is only a short tour for a study case in order to complete his thesis in the college of super natural subject. In short, he is granted to enter the heaven. Oh yes, he went to hell also. But the heaven, as per Pak Kadek, is way much better than hell. There is an absolute peace of mind in heaven, he is so interested to stay there permanently but the god of death say NO and ordered him to go back to earth, because of one reason only, no room without reservation. In short, he met so many gods over there and learn a lot of lesson he could not find on the earth. Then the 30th day has come and yes he must go back to the world.
What does it mean? He said, once his soul entering his body, he then automatically become alive again. Ok I know that you think I made this story up. Not at all. As a matter of fact, he brought something physically real from the heaven. For your information, when he was laying down to get ready to enter the state of dead, he brought nothing. His body was only wrapped with simple plain white cotton (special cloth for dead Balinese) and put in a coffin. There was nothing is his coffin. At the 30th day, magically there are so many stones, magical stones that he ‘brought’ from the heaven. Those stones are locally known as manik, special stone that can heal Balinese from certain diseases. Now Pak Kadek using all of his magical stones to help people.
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