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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tips When Buying a New iPhone

Previous congratulations for your new iPhone. But what next to do ? You 've managed to get a powerful tool that you have heard before. With the new iPhone you have, of course you want something more powerful than just phone calls, SMS and Internet.
Now this is the right time to get a new iPhone, particularly after the release of iOS 5 and iCloud. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of ways to learn to use the iPhone. But you have to start from the most basic things.
Is your new iPhone is iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPhone 4S, this is all you need to know to start using the new iPhone elaborated here. Although these tips are only part of the basis of all that you can do with an iPhone. But these tips will guide you become a professional in the field of iPhone.
Protect your new iPhone
Suggestions may be boring, but we know the iPhone is not cheap to replace the case. The first thing you should do is protect metal and glass slab on the iPhone. You can choose a case and screen guard to suit your own style.
Currently, there are many options for your iPhone case with a charming design and maximum protection, you can buy case for iphone 4 here with many interesting collections as well as many options that can be adjusted to your taste.
Distinctive - Blue

install iTunes
iTunes on more than just selling programs and play music on your iPhone. iTunes is very important for the process of synchronization and data transfer from iPhone to computer and vice versa. With iTunes installed you can also delete music, videos, photos and other applications.
Creating an account on iTunes
If you want to use the iTunes Store or App Store legally, you 'll need an account on iTunes. ITunes account is provided free of charge, with this account you not only can buy music, movies and other applications, but can also be used as part of iCloud, Find My iPhone and other amazing technology on the iPhone.
Setting and sync your iPhone
After creating an account on iTunes, it is time to introduce a new iPhone to your Mac. Previous sure you are running the latest firmware. Here you will learn how to add content to your iPhone to how to manage applications in the display.
Configuring iCloud
For the first time, you no longer need to put up a new iPhone to your computer via USB. iClouds simultaneously collect a lot of features in one tool, including the ability to back up your data and then install with just one click. Apple gives you 5GB of free storage as much, and can buy more of it.
Installing the Find My iPhone
It is very important, if one day you have a new iPhone is lost or stolen. Find My iPhone is one of the features of iCloud that uses the default iPhone GPS to determine the exact location on the map. By installing this feature you can find your iPhone, see position on the map, and if necessary, remotely wipe its contents.
Download and Install Applications via the App Store
The new iPhone will be more powerful if you added some apps from the App Store. App Store contains nearly half a million applications today, and many applications are available for free.
Jailbreak / Unlock iPhone
Until the latest generation iPhone at this time, the iPhone jailbreak process is very important, especially in terms of getting a powerful iPhone and removes some of the limitations that exist on the iPhone.
Supervise Battery Life
After a few days of using the new iPhone, you 'll know how long the iPhone turns on after a full charge, depending on usage and settings that you do. To extend battery life there are several ways that you can try, among others, disabling notifications and location services as much as possible, as well as reducing the frequency of social networking.

Importance Case for Mobile

One of the most common mobile phone accessories used today is Mobile Phone Cases. Protective mobile phone cases are used as rear and front to minimize damage to our mobile phone. In addition to the case is used also as a decoration to make mobile phones. If you want to have a good one you can buy cases online.
CNC Solid - Blue & Silver

In 1990, mobile phone, which was originally big and long experience shrinkage. Various companies competing gadget - mobile phone race issue as small and light as possible. Of course the features offered any more. At that time, small mobile phones have advanced features is the target of every person. In the 2000s, a tendency already issued a small cell phone began to fade. Now we can find the phone - large sophisticated phone like the Galaxy Note, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S , Z10 and others. More and more people are competing to put out a great phone with today's most sophisticated features.

Unfortunately the phone is getting increasingly sophisticated a range of various accessories body so appear to protect. One of them is of course the case. Not only that the casing used to beautify a sophisticated mobile that we have. Of course gadget companies continue to look for ways to make their gadgets more resistant. But rather than take the risk of course is very necessary protection case.

Case functions as a Mobile Accessories

Case is one of the mobile phone accessories which have protection function for the mobile phone. Functions as a protective case

    Keeping the back of the phone from getting scratched
    Some cases can protect the back of the front of the phone at the same time
    Minimize bump especially when mobile phone silicone case falls
    Minimize damage to the LCD screen when the phone crashed ( especially the LCD screen for mobile phone touch screen it is very expensive )
    Keeping the phone is not easy dusty
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