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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finally the Pirate's Treasures For Us!!!

We continue to discover places that are connected with the pirates in the memory of the humanity. The previous posts were Looking for Pirates and Treasures, Pirates of Port Royal/ Giamaica, An Other Pirate's Island and told about 2 "capitales" and an island often frequented by pirates in the XVII century. Today we will speak about an island where they found REALLY great treasure left by a famous pirate Henry Morgan. I tell you about Roatan in Honduras, a paradise on the Earth, tell those who visited it. You can fly there from Cancun (40 min). Have with you American dollars because the residents use them or "Lempiras" -so more or less.

The air is profumed with the flowers, white beaches and optimal conditions in the hotels (tourists tell). And the corals and pacific sharks to swim together.

The treasures found in the 60-th were only a little part of what was hiden, so we have finally the possibility to get what we are looking for!!!!!

Остров Роатан

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