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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unknown City Beijing

Writing about the cruises that begin in Japanese ports, I found an interesting name of a city in China: Beijing. I've never heard about it and wanted to learn more. The first information I've seen in internet was a collection of photos of a couple of travellers with the explanations under every photo. So, I knew many interesting things.

The couple visited Forbidden City, the largest palatial complex in the world. There is a Temple of Heaven built without any nail or beam inside the complex. The Emperors prayed to have good year and waited for signs of good auspices on Chinese New Year there. You can see the Emperors in the procession every year even today. Sure, those are only shows to attract visitors but it has to be interesting to see, I think.

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

The next point of the itinerary of the couple was Tiananmen Gate, than they visited cooking courses for foreigners hold directly in the street. Imagin how interesting it is! I've never heard about such invention in other touristic places.

There is one of the largest and most important in the world Buddhist temples there, Lama Temple of Geluk School, where there are many treasures very important for every Buddhist; and there is a Chinese Muslims' Mosque (Niujie Mosque). I was surprized to read about it, I did not think there are even Chinese Muslims! And the building is interesting too, it comes from 996.

It's possible to visit Yuanming Yuan, ruins of the Old Summer Palace (ah, all royalities had summer and winter palaces!).

Do you like works of Franch architect Paul Andreu? Very beautiful airy buildings all over the world. There, in Beijing, you can see his Center for the Performing Arts.

«Ладья» на Яндекс.Фотках

And there are Beihai Park, a royal garden, Happy Valley, an amusement park, Beijing Zoo, where there are pandas and other rare Chinese animals, 798 Space Gallery a place for contemporary arts. You can visit Beijing Planning Exhibition and walk over the relief models of the city, the world's largest steel structure -the National Stadium, and surely the Great Wall.

Wow, but will it be enough a shore visit to see all these interesting places?

I was very curious: where is this city? And from the next site I learn it's... Peking!
By the way, did you know that Peking is one of the 4 historical capitals of China? Every dinasty had own capital: Beijing, Nanjing, Chang'an and Luoyang.

And to make this more inviting for you: if you look for cruise discounts and want to embark on October 25 , it will cost you only... you will not believe... a third part from the normal price of the cabin... And Ocean view? Have you seen the oceanview cabin price???

Friday, August 13, 2010

To Go or Not To Go? News About Touristic Destinations

I continue the round of the "special" news that can affect tourists prepearing their luggeges and just flying in their thoughts in the dream-place. Someone dreams about a beach, other thinks the best is a tour in Antarctica -we are different and it's good. Imagine if all the residents of the Earth go in vacation on the same beach.

Well, news.

Spain. It seems there is invasion of jellyfishes near the beaches there. Bad notice not only for those who went or want to go there. The fenomenon repeats every year in Mediterranean. It means that the oceans are ill and can't support the activities of the humans more.

Malaysia. The sales began and will last till September 16. Not so much time, but if we think about sales in Italy that begin at the end of June and "last" till September, we can understand that the long period is a lie. If you want to find something in the middle of July here, you will find Fall models and zero sale offers.

Oman. They build a luxury hotel with shariat laws in it. No alcohol and men-women division not only in WC. The owner says, he is sure the hotel will be always complete because there are many persons that do not like those drunk faces everywhere.

Ucraina. Many tourists go there in May to enjoy the flowering of chestnut trees. The capital, Kijew, has so many of them that they become world-known brand of the city. Now, if you had to wait till spring, you can buy your ticket: the chestnut trees are flowering second time this year.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How To Become The Best Amateur Photographer of British Weather

The dream of every amateur photographer is to see his photos published in the most important magazines and to win photography competitions. The problem is that they rarely accept amateurs. Lloyds TSB decided to give us the possibility to participate in the photographer's competition. We can not only become the best amateur photographer and win a great price -we can send our favorite photos of the weather and nature to an important site and have it published there. If you have already tried this, you know that many sites for photographers do not accept photos of this subject. They have too many of them.

To become British weather photographer of the year you need only your best photo of the British weather. To enter, go to the site, click "Submit your photo now", write a short story about your photo -and win £10,000. In any case, if you are not British, it's worth to visit the site and to look at the submitted photos. You can vote those you like and help the best of them to win. I have voted for many photos - let the best one win! If they are better than mine, why not?

Clouds Over the Sea

The competition will run until September 30th 2010. So there is time to submit your photos, my friends. The only condition is you must be a UK resident in order to take part in this campaign. We claim the weather most parts of the year, but here it is the weather that donates to us the best impressions.

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