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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oracles And Haruspices To Visit

When I wrote the post about the oracle lake in Tibet (Searching For The Revelation of the Future) the theme seemed to me very interesting, so I wanted to explore it deeper.
If you are interested to learn more about oracles and similar, you will surely appreciate the idea to visit places where they operated.

There is a cave not too far from here, antro della Sibilla, where it was possible to ask gods to answer the questions, too. I was there but actualy I have not photos from there. Such places were numerous in Ancient Greece and in Etruria in Italy. Etrurians, by the way, were known as the best haruspices, those who knew to interprete the will of the Gods observing the natural events, birds, the entrails of sacrificed animals etc. The last record of a haruspex comes from year 405.

In Piacenza, a city in Tuscania, Italy, you can see a special tool for haruspices, a life-sized model of liver with explanations written in Etruscian language. (the Municipal Museum of Piacenza, in the Palazzo Farnese on the photo)

The most important places, where there were oracles, were listed by Herodotus:
Delphi, Abae, Ioannina, Dodona, Klaros, Buto -in Greece, one other was in Libia. It's the plan of the posts for the next times.

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