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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Discovering Puduhepa And Nefertari

ПраздникWishing you all the best in the new year, I want to tell about an interesting place to visit "before you die" as suggest the widget for travellers. This place is connected with the feasts because I tell you about the capital of a very powerful kingdom mentioned in the Bible. I tell you about hittites and their capital Hattusa.

If you read the romance about Ramesses II and his battle against the hittits (near Qadesh 1274 BC) -you understand, what are we telling about here. So, the place to visit is in Turkey.

There are special tours when you can visit all the places connected with the history of hittites Empire. GAZIANTEP - URFA - ADIYAMAN-NEMRUT - ANTIOCHIA -MERSIN - SILIFKE - KONYA -CAPPADOCIA - HATTUSAS (photo Wikipedia)

As for me, I was very interested to listen (in un documentary) the story about Hattusili III, his wife Puduhepa and HER relations with the wife of Ramessese, Nefertari. The women of that period were so independant that did not need femminism else...
Mmmm? I awoke your interest?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Neapoletan Christmas Cribs

Presepe, изображение Рождества
Happy Christmas!

One of the traditions in Campania are the visits of "Presepe", the representations of Christ's birth. The idea comes from S.Francisc that wanted to explain the Bible to the simple persons. But it seems, the greatest diffusion it became in Neapoletan area. There are entire streets in Neaples dedicated to sell pieces of Presepe. And many of them are really works of art. To visit Presepe is a sign of auspice. And there are different possibilities. There are, for example, alive representstions where the persons show a sort of theater. There are little and large size pictures.

I visited one of them, exposed every year not far from Dom. The scene is crated on a round table, so I made some photos walking around it. Hope, this visit will bring you fortune too! :0)))

Presepe, изображение Рождества

Presepe, изображение Рождества

Presepe, изображение Рождества

Presepe, изображение Рождества

Many persons probably create a Presepe in their homes too. There are many places and even special shops where you can buy everything you need for it. All the figures seem to be alive. Made with great attention and love.

Presepe, изображение Рождества

Presepe, изображение Рождества

Presepe, изображение Рождества

What is interesting, the image of Christ-child they put it on it's place only AFTER the birth. And in some cases all the "partecipants" like visitors of the Holy Family "come" every day nearer and nearer to the place of birth. Every day when you visit Presepe you will find other situation.

Presepe, изображение Рождества

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't Forget To Visit In Paris

Yes, you are right, I suggest you to visit a cemetery in Paris. Precisely Cimetière du Père-Lachaise situated on Boulevard de Ménilmontant.

There are tombs of many important and famous persons there. What you see on the photo from Wikipedia is the tomb of one of the most famous Franch composers, Georges Bizet.

This cemetery is one of the most known in the world. The list of the celebrities burried here would be probably longer as this blog. Bizet is maybe not the greatest among them, and if you want to go there, you have to collect all the necessary information whom you want to visit.

I don't know, if ther are many other places in Parigi dedicated to this unfortunate in the life person. So many composers of genius had not luck and happiness in their lives. At least we have his tomb to thank him for his music.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Salto San Martin On Iguazu

Водопады на Игуацу

I continue to present you the photos of the falls on Iguazu river in Argentine. The first 2 posts,
The Power Of Attraction Of Waterfalls
Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls,
were about the biggest of them and general information. This time I will tell you about an other of the falls, salto San Martin.

By the way, I forgot about the map. The National park of the Iguazu river is situated on the highest part of the "horn" of the top, right side. I just said you, the park had excellent organization for the tourists. You can not only walk near and over the river. There is a possibility to near the falls on the boats too. If you like this sort of experiences, you have to visit them in summer, I think. Except this, it's possible to practice water sports and climbing.

If you are interested to know everything about existing waterfalls, you can open "World Waterfall Database". There you will find the langest falls "complex" is on Mekong River in Laos (10 km contro 2,7 of Iguazu) and the highest seems to be Salto Angel in Venezuela (979 m contro 80 of Iguazu).

Водопады на Игуацу

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Power Of Attraction Of Waterfalls


In my previous post Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls I began to tell you about the waterfalls on the river Iguazu in Argentina (and Brazil).

When I read about this trip of a friend of my husband, I thought, the humans surely are attracted by great water and falling water. Turn back to read about my trip to the Cascades of Emerald Valley I described in a serie of posts a year ago. You can see the long and breathtaking bridges that connect different levels and places where you can enjoy the entire complex. A guide told us these places are full of tourists all summer. They come there to stay days and days in the "plates" of water under every waterfall.

Now, I see similar constructions on the photos here. Imagine, they have to be longer and more numerous as those of that little waterfalls in Caucasus (but not so romantic sure). I did not understand if it's possible to swimm under Iguazu falls too. Well, they are so large and high... Probably not. It would be dangerous, I think.

In any case you see there are crowds of tourists.
Who knows, maybe humans, like elefants, have acquatic ancestors too...



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls

Jose Luis, an Argentinian friend of my husband, visited some interesting places in Argentina, among them Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls. Jose Luis allowed me to use his photos for my blog, so I can "explore" this places with you sitting for our PC-s.

Горло Дьявола Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls

Here you see the biggest of the waterfalls of Iguazu, Devil's Throat. It represents the state frontier between Argentina and Brasile. Both steates have national parks including these falls, so you can reach them from one and from other state. Most falls are on the territory of Argentina. The nearest cities are Foz do Iguacu (Br.) and Puerto Iguazu (Ar.)

Interesting is that this region is in the list of "New 7 Wonders of Nature".

All together there are more than 270 falls in this area and they occupy 2,7 km of the river. There are many islands and bridges, connecting them, so if you go there you can make a very nice walk and enjoy all the area from different points.

It's the second large waterfalls complex after the Victoria Falls.

Горло Дьявола Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls
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