resort and travel: Pompei, Italy: Explanations On The Streets

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pompei, Italy: Explanations On The Streets

This post continue the talk about my trip in Pompei, Italy (region Campania) Now I want to show you an interesting peculiarity of this town. I liked it very much.

На улицах Помпеи

On the main streets that diverge from the Sanctuary I found great signs with the descriptions from the life in the Roman age. Written in Italian and English but with beautiful and clear pictures if you don't know both of them. I think, it's very good innovation (it did not exist when I was there last time). Every visitor of the excavations, like me, could not imagine what was here before. The ruins are only the ruins -they are the same in all the times, they are not interesting if you do not understand what it is.

I invented this photographing of the signs when I have not time to read them, than I come home and can read them clearly with zoom. They are full of interesting information normally.

На улицах Помпеи

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