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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ebuzzing UK For Bloggers And Advertisers

Bloggers, earning money with ebuzzing in the UK is now a reality!  The platform announces it's launch and invites all us bloggers to earn money by blogging and inserting videos and banners in our blogs. It's a good idea, I would say, to connect different possibilities to monetize our blogs in one project. Personally I don't like when the things become too complicated. Not only because I'm lazy, but also because the earnings of every single banner or block of ads can be not very significant. When they come from different companies, you have to wait for a long time to reach the sum before you can transfer to your bank. In this case, when all the payments contribute to create this sum, the payment's date is not that far away.  

Here I'll explain to you how it works. 

First of all register on ebuzzing.com to control the new opportunities you can take advantage of in order to earn money by writing articles for existing campaigns. You can read about the previous campaigns in the post "Why you should join ebuzzing", visiting ebuzzing's blog.

The other possibility is to add players for  the video campaigns to the sidebar. It's not difficult. Select the video by language, if there is a campaign in English, and add the code to the HTML-widget of your blog. On the photo you see how it will appear once finished the installation.

On the photo below is the example how you can insert banners in your blog. After that you will earn money every time somebody watches the video.

Monetisation of a blog was never so easy, clear and effective. Join our community of bloggers on Ebuzzing and enjoy all the great possibilities it offers to you.

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