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Friday, March 26, 2010

How To Be Sure To Take Bus Or Train In Campania, Italy

When you travel in other country or in an other region of own country, you have to solve a problem with tickets. I just wrote, it's comfortable to buy all the possible tickets online, if tere is this possibility. Tickets of trains, airplains and museums-shows-exhibitions are often avilable online. It's completly different, if you have to waste time looking for a ticket office and than wait your turn to buy that ticket, or when you just have a ticket and can only explore the timetable and the place where you have to take your bus/train and maybe visit the toilet or a bar.

I could not understand the system here, in Campania, where to find that damned ticket, so I'll describe it here if you suddenly need this information. You will read my next posts about the wines of Campania and will decide to come here urgently to taste them together with me. ;-))) Well, if together, you don't need to read this post because you will have me as a guide, and I just know everything.

On the photo over here id the railway station of Pompei. It was my latest trip, so, this is the most fresh photo I have. Why I did not take a photo of the railway station of Nocera Superiore -is a mystery that nobody could explain today.

In any case you hacve to know that many of the stations DO NOT HAVE ticket offices. That of Pompei has it, but that of Nocera Superiore has no ticket office neither timetables. Here you have to know just what train you have to take and to be just with a ticket.

If there is a ticket office, you have not to be toooooo happy about it. Because you have to be sure that it will be open when you come there.

Once I had to visit one of the near villages. It was the period when the new system to buy tickets was introduced here. I had not tickets. The bus driver waited for me till I bought the ticket in the bar, and I could happily arrive in that village I had to go. About an hour later I finished all my tasks there and wanted to go home... when I discovered all the shops, bars, offices etc etc were closed for lunch. And they will be open at 17:00. Point. It was at 13:00. This village is about 10 km far from my home... I stopped the bus (the same -I was happy that day) and prayed the driver to take me on board. I don't want money, he said, I'm not a ticket collector. But he allwod me to enter.

These are the new (for today) tickets you can use in most busses and trains of the region. The same for the bus and for the train. Valid for that period of time written on it. It means, if you need to take first bus than train, than another train (if you go from Nocera in Pozzuoli for example), you can use one ticket till you reach the place where you are going.

If you don't find a ticket office in the station, you have to look for "Tabaccaio" or a nearest bar or news stall. Look for a such sign:

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