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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Springtime in Edinburgh

Finally the spring is here and we can enjoy the sun, the mild wind and the beauties of Edinburgh that seems to become younger too. Our Edinburgh apartments allow us to see all the magnificent views of the city in the morning shine, and they call us to go out and to permit to the sun to caress the skin. Edinburgh has many places to visit in any period. Some of the most important museums of the UK, for example. Don't you know them? The National Gallery of Scotland where you can see the works of Velazquez, Cézanne, Monet and Gauguin. I adore Impressionists and this attraction is irresistible for me. The other is The Modern Museum of Scotland where you can learn more about culture and the history of Scotland. In the Royal Museum of Scotland you can "meet" famous sheep Dolly, and many other scientific discoveries will present you the world from the side you've never thought about.


But we do not want to enter the buildings in this splendid spring day. What is better than an airing in the Gardens of the Princes Street? There are only two steps from our Edinburgh accommodation till this shopping district of the Old Town. The street divides the historical center in two parts. The gardens were planned together with the streets in XVIII century and built in XIX century, and that is why they have that fashion of that gorgeous fine age. Standing in the shadow of the Castle we have a great look on the city. Tourists and townspeople are here too. It's the place of the meetings for all those who are in Edinburgh in any period, but spring sun makes it so that nobody can stand aside and do not come here.

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