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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Problems With Tickets And Agencies

The new year's plans lead to the thoughts about the destinations of trips and tickets. So, I began to look for the offers and news about airlines and railway routs. Here are some short lines to describe the situation. We, clients, don't know it and can fall in traps.

First of all, be sure the site or agency where you book your tickets are authorized to sell them.
I never thought about it. It stands to reason for me, the agency selling tickets may do it. But not everything is so simple as it seems. The news write about such deceptions.

Personally, I had other problems with agencies.
They do not like other "brothers" even if they work FOR them (agency selling tickets of the railway). And they do not like clients that buy in other places (online) and than come to them to solve problems. They HAVE to solve your problem but they don'y want do it and damage you if they are forced.

For example, once I had to change my train ticket bought online. I went in a railway station office, but it was possible to do ONLY in an agency. I had to do somersaults to force the employee to change that ticket. Finally he did it. His revenge I understood when I entered the compartment where I had to pass sitting! all the night. It was a compartment only for men. 5 men and me. One of them, in front of me -as to spite- was a cretin that touched my legs all the night under the table that was in center of the compartment, and was happy to look at my reaction. I had to travel other 2 days that time, so the beginning was really showing great promise.

From that "adventure" I think 10 times before I book something. So that I have not to change it than.

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