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Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation In A Hotel In The Mill

В Гостинице На Мельнице

My friend from Czech Republic turned back from the 2-week vacation they passed in a mill. She sent me these photos and told with great delight about it. A young couple of owners decided to live in the way the millers lived some centuries ago.

В Гостинице На Мельнице

Probably they found the only right possibility to manage the property and are young enough to have great wish to play else.
Somebody said that the best teacher etc is that who is younger than 40 years because has the desire to play. Maybe it is not completely right, I think. But...

В Гостинице На Мельнице

В Гостинице На Мельнице

This couple offers not only many things to do to their guests. They live in a splendid place as you see.
They offer great in all senses plates to eat too.

В Гостинице На Мельнице

They, the owners, wear their "special" clothes not only to work with the guests during the day. Even in the morning they had clothes of the epoque.

В Гостинице На Мельнице

My friend has a 10 years old son and they were very happy when the owners offered a "strange" game to the children. They,children, had to look for a treasure in the night and found a "water spirit" under the bridge that asked them to give him a piece of cake.

В Гостинице На Мельнице

If you want to look at their site search for "Martinský mlýn". I could not open the site unfortunatelly. Maybe I'll add the address next days when my PC has more wish to collaborate.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

St. Andrew In Amalfi


The Cathedral of Amalfi is built over the crypt with the relics of St.Andrew. I don't want to tell you the story of this Apostel, you can read it in Wikipedia. The only thing I want write here:

Cardinal Pedro born in Amalfi took the relics there in 1208 from Constantinople. They ar in this crypt behind the grating you see on the photo.




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Monday, August 17, 2009

Where To Buy New, Used Cars And Vans

It is difficult to find something in the infinity of the informations in internet. That is why I like special sites, a sort of summaries, devided in all possible categories like Perrys pages dedicated to the right for you Peugeot Dealer search. The great dealership's number, the best deals on new cars and a large stock of used cars that you can see listed directly online, all this make Perrys one of the most important franchised Peugeot retailers in UK. And the company is authorized and regulated by Financial Services Authority, the peculiarity that is not the last to know when you look for something in internet.

Pages dedicated to Peugeot cars are easy to navigate because the information is clear and essential. Than you can pass to the specialpages dedicated to this or that model like Peugeot 308 for example where you will find descriptions of the modifications and the best deals available today. It's clear that the stock is constantly renewed, so you wwill find different offers every time you visit the site. Imagine that you can save till about £5,000 if you buy this car today! Not so bad if we think about the difficult times we live now. Is it bad or good but it is unpossible to live without a car and so we have to look for the good deals for us.

Buy the way, if you look for a small car, you have to consider Peugeot 107, the car of Peugeot-Citroen-Toyota project, that was face-lifted and renewed for better efficiency and fuel economy. These are the good news about it. Sincerely, as a woman that is interested in a small car for the narrow streets and cronical absence of the parking places in the towns, I did not like the very first variant of this car because of it's not very great look. Even if you are limited by such thoughts you can find now the new model in Perrys and if you do it today you can save up to £1100!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Abbadia St.Michel

I began to write about the most interesting castels of France in my previous posts. The Types Of Castels is one of those posts.

This is an island, Mont Saint-Michel, with the benedictine abbey built before X century, and is one of the most frequented places of Normandy, France because is interesting for it's high and low tides. The photo you see is from Wikipedia and you will find many others there.

I could not find the information if this abbey is on the way of pilgrimage. I wrote that there are different very important and the most interesting cathedrals on the pilgrimage way from North Europe to Palestina. It could be interesting to make the full list of these places one day...

Ferragosto -The National Feast In Italy

Наш любимый пляж -справа

It is a very special period in Italy. Some days when everybody who can goes to the sea.

Persons leave everybody and everything that canot come together and go out for a vacation. 2 years ago I remember the old persons left alone in the cities died like flys because there was no one shop, drugstore or bar open for about a week in the towns and cities. In our region, there is a law after that year that the essential drugstores, bars and shops have to close one after other in the way that at least one is open.

Normally these are the hottest days of the summer. Yesterday we noticed 40°C when we were on our way home. It is very hard period. Even those persons that like to stay all day long under the sun can not stand it. Specially after 13:00 there is nobody off the house. In the "normal" days this street on the photo is full of cars that go to the expressway...

Ferragosto 2009

We were sure that all the population will pass this day on the beach and decided to go in one of the commercial centers to buy some things we needed urgently. We were surprized to find many cars just at 9 in the morning.

Ferragosto 2009

An hour later the commercial center was full of persons. The other surprizing thing for us was that we could not find summer clothes! All the shops changed the items for winter clothes! Incredible. Specilally if you think that it will be more or less warm weather till November here.

Anomalous year. From all points of view.

Dreaming About Myrtle Beach

We wanted to go to the ocean in this vacation and my husband looked for the Myrtle Beach Accomodation because his friend told him much about this place. After some days dedicated to research and study of the offers we decided to book a room in "The Horizon at 77th", a newly opened hotel in a tranquil but central part of the Myrtle Beach. It is clear that we looked first of all for affordable rates and were very content to find really special solution.

All Myrtle Beach Accomodations provide good ocean view here and every condominium has over-sized balcony. So we will have our breackfast there, we dreamed, and than we will go down to the ocean and walk and run on the beach and the waves will touch our feet. And than late in the night we will go to bed listening to the voices of the ocean. My God, what can be more relaxing as this! We looked at the numerous photos of the sunrises and sunsets posted in the site of our hotel and could not think more other than about this vacation.

Myrtle Beach Hotels have an other peculiarity: they are situated in a place where is possible to assist infinite important events of cultural life. We discovered that we can book tickets directly online from the site of "The Horizon at 77th" and we booked a package of golf courses too. Now we have every day of our vacation full of events. Will we have time to sit on our balcony and enjoy the voice of the ocean?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Italy Is The Country Of Saffron

Did you know that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world?
And that it is produced in ...Italy?
I ask you so because I did not know about it. I thought, it comes from India or other country from that part of the world. So if you come in Italy, in Abruzzo, Sardegna for example, you can see how the paesants cultivte this plant in special factories. It is interesting enough because the technique of the cultivation is manual till today and it's very interesting to see how the persons work.

It's a "new fashion" here: the possibility to have a vacation in a farm where you can eat the healty aliments produced in the same farm, partecipate on the life and works of the farm and on many interesting activities that often offer the owners. Many residents of the cities want to stay some time in a village, want to show their children the "natural" life and so these vacations are very popular. Except this, the farms have often their own restaurants where you can eat very special and interesting local dishes.

If you look for something like this in Italy you have to write "agritrismo" in your SE.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Types Of Castels

My dream is to make a tour in France visiting the most important castels. Like this for example. There are special tours, I know because I had (and have maybe) a book dedicated to them.

We spoke about the castles in our museum last time. Did you know that there are different types of castles? Many castles of France are residential. They were built in the period when the life was calm, the nobles were rich, the central government was powerful to allow this rich life.

Well, I don't speak here about the castles that were built only to create a place similar to a fable.

In Italy, the life never was too calm and too rich. That is why most castles were built to defend the territory here. I never was in UK but they say there is the same more or less.
You can see castles in our zone if you open these my posts
They were rarely used as residences. Imagine that near the villages Mercato San Severino-Castel San Giorgio there are about 15 castels!!!!

This photo from Wikipedia is of the castel Carcassone-vignes in France.

And this is chateau Chamboard, in France, too. The difference is clear without comments, I think.

The last type of the castel is a "realized fable". Some persons want to possess in reality such a castel that they imagine it after reading fables. The most famous example of it you can see in this post The Fable Castel To Visit

Sunday, August 2, 2009

About The Museu Rodin

«родэн» на Яндекс.Фотках

Every time I had the possibility to visit the Hermitage Museum in S. Petersburg I wanted to go in the rooms where there were the sculptures of Auguste Rodin. One of the friends sent me a slide-show from Rodin museum (Collections) todayб and I was really surprized to know this Sculptor in all his splendid creativity. Did you think the modern sculptors are not able to create something valuable? I thought so too. Specially when you see the creations of Michelangelo or Leonardo and than "pass" to modern art.

They say Rodin was the best sculptor of XIX century... Well, I agree.

Роковая ошибка...
«Роковая ошибка...» на Яндекс.Фотках
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