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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is Right Outdoor Clothing Important For Traveller?

Years ago I was sure, the outdoor clothing is not important for traveller and for outdoor activities. If you have a desire to walk or to enjoy the nature, it's enough to wear comfortable things you use everyday, I said. We are addicted by consumerism, that was my opinion about it. It was so till my husband began to run and to practise mountain trekking he got back to his normal weight. First of all he went in the specialized shop and tried all the brands like Berghaus, for example, those are his favourite.

I still could not understand why he needs special boots or trousers, jackets or backpacks. Surely we go in the mountains together, and the first time I wore my normal clothes. It's for my age, I thought, because I was too tired after it. So, the next visit to the shop I wanted to try the boots. Just to see what is the difference. I like to walk and am able to cover many kilometers trekking. That is why the bad state of my feet after my favourite pastime worried me. I liked the walking boots and bought them. It was great, you know. Simply great.

They envelop the feet, make them protected from anything they can meet -stones, sliding or casual, holes etc on your way. Feet are always in the right position and do not hurt. You will laugh: I changed my footwear and use shoes for trekking when I can now. You know, I live on the mountain, and when I have to go somewhere, I have to make at least 2 kilometers up and down the mountain to reach the bus. Having sturdy clothing makes all the difference when outside.

Well, it was my main problem and I wrote so much about it. Other clothes for outdoors are comfortable too. They are very light and have the same task to solve the problems of the person during the trekking. Imagine, you can find stuff for any outdoor activity and climatic zone. So, next time you think about a new trip try special clothes.

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