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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Impermanence As The Travel Destination

Everybody of us is afraid of changes in the life. The old, usual world goes away and something unknown comes on it's place. We can't know, if it is good or bad, we don't know, if it will take benefits or sufferings. We think, sufferings are more frequent in this life, and we don't like them.

Well, you are not right, I don't want to open courses of philosophy here. I want to suggest you a new way to choose the aim of your next trip. Impermanence. What I mean with it? Now I'll explain the idea to you with the photos.

Мессинский пролив. г.Мессина. Вид на материк, часть региона Калабрия (самый-самый мысочек итальянского сапога)
«Мессинский пролив. г.Мессина. Вид на материк, часть региона Калабрия (самый-самый мысочек итальянского сапога)» на Яндекс.Фотках

On the photo over here is Messina/Sicilia and the strait between it and the Italian peninsula. This is the classic view that remains so for years and centuries. But it will not be so forever. The Italian government wants to build a bridge here, connecting the island with the mainland. This way, they say, the cars will arrive the ports and the life on the island will be not so expensive.

The problem is that just in this strait, between these parts of earth there is a place where 2 big parts of the earth crost meet and move. What will happen with the bridge over them?

In any case if you visit Messina today, before they begin to build that bridge, you can see it so as the Earthfather created it. If you will come some years later, you will probably find i new bridge -or the rests of it. (the bridge in Istanbul on the photo)

«Стамбул-Константинополь» на Яндекс.Фотках

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