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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pirates of Port Royal/ Giamaica

As you can see on the map (Wikipedia), we remain in the Caribbean sea in this second part of our travel in search of pirates and treasures. The first post I wrote about the Turtle Island near Haiti (there is at least one Turtle island more, I told you), the capital of pirates in XVII century.

This city was a center of shipping commerce, had a very comfortable harbour and it was situated near the main routs of the Spanish and French commercial ships. After the pirates of Turtle Island left it and came in Port Royal, this city became definitely "the Sodom of the New World". There were probably more drinking houses than persons there, and the life was "Wine and Women".

It's enough, therefore, to walk through the city to inspire the air of adventure.

Do you know, what is interesting? When I looked for the staff to write this post, I wanted to add here a picture that corrisponds the traditional immagination we have about the pirats. I made a list of the most known names of the pirats of that times and looked for their portraits. And I did not find them. The contemporal pictures of these characters are "normal citizens". Maybe with the face a little to... but there are many persons with faces inspiring fear. So, nothing pirat images. Only this beautiful vessel.

Карибы. Аруба. Оранжестад.
«Карибы. Аруба. Оранжестад.» на Яндекс.Фотках

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