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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hollywood Onboard

What do you think about cruises?

If you say, I begin to speak about it because I'm a travel agent of Cruise Brothers and want to promove my site, you are not right. At least in part. Because I ask this question surely impressed by a webinar I followed yesterday, and this webinar was about the best cruise lines. About one of them, to be precise. The webinar was hold by Royal Caribbean to tell us how many awards they won this year (many awards, it's true Why Royal Caribbean has the Best Cruise Line Awards?) and what they want to improve in the next 3 years to become much more better.

But I was impressed not by the ships and awards. I was impressed by the programs they have onboard.

It's incredible, but cruise lines want to collect all the best our consumist society dreams to have, fantasizing during the day and sleep hours. Broadway class shows, Hollywood actors, best selling films in their cinemas and best selling books in their libraries. Winter gardens and Palm Courts with the camera bands playing personally for you... And I don't tell you about the water tubes and climbing walls, golf courts and promenades where you can run or sit in a bar...


Itineraries that allow you to visit different countries and even overnights in the most important ports for in-depth explorations. World known lecturers and cooking classes.

So, what do you think about today cruises?

Well, probably, these are really the best vacation options. I counted the cost of the vacation on land and all these all-inclusive cruises. They cost even less than the "normal" vacations, you know. Specially we, women, understand that it's the vacation of our dreams: we can finally have the time when we can relax together with all the family. Without any other thought except relaxation and pleasure. Somebody will clean, cook etc.

:-))) You are right, after all I said here, I have to send you to my cruise search page... It's in the right sidebar here.

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