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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Vacation in Milan

The first days of April I passed in Milan and Lugano. I continue to describe these days in my new travel blog, and the first post about it was written on April, 14, Great People of Milan. I would like to see you in this blog and to give me maybe some advices because the paid hosting is something completely new for me. Maybe you know interesting plug-ins to add or you know why some of plug-ins do not work there (Feedjit).

Well, general impression? It was GREAT both: infinite busy emperor style city (I was only there, the sessions of the ritrit finished too late to make tourist trips) and the wonderful places round Lugano. Because I lived till 35 in the cities, their frenetic life is my nature. But the Nature and much-much water attracts me irresistible and I feel in Paradise when I visit that place.

So, I invite you to visit my new blog and enjoy photos I made there.

Milano, Italy

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