resort and travel: Some thoughts about things every traveller has to know before he/she leaves the house

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some thoughts about things every traveller has to know before he/she leaves the house

This morning I found an interesting article about the 28 things a journalist says would be very happy to know before he began to travel. If they are good for a journalist, I said, they can be good for me too. Here I want to write some words to confirm his observations.

When I go in an other place I normally take real money with me and try to organize everything possible in advance, in internet. In the way that I have to pay only the absolutely neccessary things at the place.

This story began for me with easy-jet flight, when they did not explain the rules to me, and when they did not allow me to enter the airplane because I had not respect those rules. I remained in the street without money because I had only my credit card. And forgot the access number of that card. It was sad. I, customary, cryed, tryed to explain the situation to the stuff, but nobody wanted to listen to me. So, now I know, I have to have enough money to reach my home, if it's necessary.

The other thought I read today was about the police. The author says, you have not think they are your friends because there are many cases when the policemen sell their services to the best bidders.

I never had such situations. At contrary, I always received help from police when I needed it. But I know it is not "normal" situation. It happend to me because I had not serious problems. The persons that had them told me, the policemen were really very bad with them. They did not want to help and created much more obstacles as you had before.

And the last is the thought about the taxies. I know different stories about girls that took the first car they could find -and you know there are many drivers in any airport that meet crowds of the passengers. The same story they tell about the airport in Buenos Aires, for example. Such trips are not health even for the men.

So, I think, going in an other country and in an other place has to learn us responsability. All over the world there are persns that look for "stupids". And think, all the tourists ARE stupid.

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