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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Indian coffee

What do you know about coffee?

I knew not soo much about it.
What I knew:
there is coffee from Brazil and from Vietnam. That from Brazil is ecological and biological, that from Vietnam is not very good because with dangerous, toxic substances. And I knew all sorts of coffee I can buy in the supermarkets here.

Today I learned, there are many different coffees from different countries.
And from India too. (I wanted to write a post about India and found this information)

Indian coffees are good balanced and mild with low acidity and spicy notes. And there is a special one -the Monsooned coffee. An other interesting case is High grown coffees with high acidity.

Coffee was introduced in India from Yemen by a Muslim pilgrim Bababudan Sahib in the Chikmagalur District in 1610. 123,681 farms with 3 000 000 workers produce it today. And India is the 2 in Asia and the 8 in the world. (I did not find all lists). And harvest is in November and February.

Interesting. I wanted to taste it too. Sunday we will go in a great supermarket, maybe I'll find it there?

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