resort and travel: Dulce de Leche in Argentina

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dulce de Leche in Argentina

What do you see on this photo is "Dulce de leche" and different forms of use for this product.

Why I write about this aliment in a travel blog?
Because it's a "national" product of Argentine.
And we are here in a travel-cafe or no?

Not that you don't meet it in other countries. There are many places where milk is worked in this way. It's concentrated milk with sugar boiled then for different hours, posted the tin in the pan with water.

But the Argentinians make worship with this product. They have infinite sorts of biscuits and chocolates where they use it. Some of them you can see on this photo. There are tins with pure milk like that on the left and there are all these other sweeties (on the right). I like "Bocadito" and that other biscuit in black (it's the same like other in white, but the recipe is much better).

So, if you are to go in Argentine, don't forget "Dulce de Leche"

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