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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Castles (2)

Here I want to post some new photos.Two castles: Lanzara-c. (I wrote about it in the 1 post) seen from other point and the castle of Nocera. You can clearly see the difference from "modern" castle of Nocera and Longobard castles of the first post.



This castle was a residence with very long story that I'll tell you next time. Now I wanted only to add these photos to complete my first story. After this weekend I hope to add here the most important castel of the province, the castle of Salerno.

Now I wanted to show you other photos. This is Baptistry of Nocera Superiore (that was part of the unique Nocera). You can see how many meters under modern street-level is situated this building of VI cent (!). On the right from the baptistry entrance you see a hole. Archeologists found mosaic floors of roman houses (first centuries) there. I'm sure, they'll find other centuries of story if they would see under these floors. From the foundation, IX bC, maybe.

If you continue your walk on the right of my photo, you'll find "Pompei of Nocera" :))) .

This zone has realy incredible story. Battle with Gots when they disappear, Hannibal deceiving defensors to enter in the town, senators killed with steam in "terme" (baths), alphabet of Nocera (!), capital of sannitic alliance... -adventure novel is the story of this city.

This is a site of "Top 100 medieval castles"

About medieval life you can read here

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