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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't visit this places!

Every day I read now articles about different lists made by Forbes. People discuss if it's true and if translators know English good enough ecc ecc. Nobody wants to believe in these lists. So, I decided to control myself if these lists really exist and what are they about.

The first I found was the list of the most dangerous places (photo)where you have never go without professional security services or -in some cases- you have not to go there at all.
"Now, a tourist or business traveler might worry more about terrorist attacks on mass transit, getting caught in a spontaneous uprising or a bombing of a nightclub or hotel."
This is the list:
Dem.Rep. of the Congo,

I was surprised to see Haiti in this list. I thought, it's a paradise of beaches. But Forbes says it's paradise of drugs and corruption.

The other interesting list of Forbes for me is the list of the best Low-Cost companies. I use them from time to time and had a great problem with one of them in october. But I think it's better do not mix these 2 themes in one post.

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