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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking for Pirates and Treasures

With this ost I want to begin the exploration of the places connected with Pirates. It's clear, the first step has to be in the direction of their capital. Ane the capital of pirates was Île de la Tortue, island Tortuga in Caribbean sea, a part of Haiti.

The name means "Turtle Island" and is so because the same island is similar to a tortoise.
Because it was the major center of Caribbean piracy, the island is very famous now among the tourists that like to visit it. Well, this means probably the prices have to be "special", but I did not find information about it in other sites and do not know anybody, who just visited this paradise.

By the way, the first photo is from the other Turtle Island, in Venezuela. But I thought, the landscapes have to be similar. More or less.

What is interesting, the Franch governors had nothing against the corsars because thought, they protect the territory from other, maybe more dangerous enemies. And maybe they were right.

Many persons go there looking for treasures of the pirates. I did not find notices that somebody found them. It means, we can be those fortunate, if we go there! :0)

сундук с сокровищами

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