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Friday, February 5, 2010

Choosing Home Security Company

As you know, I have many friends, real and virtual, living in US. From time to time they tell me stories about their life and surprize me because their reality is different from ours. This story is about the search for good home security company.

Irene has a successful business. She dreamed about a house in Florida or in California and looks now for a
home security company to live in piece even when she is far from the towns where she bought apartments. Irene found HomeSecurityTeam.com describing ADT in Florida and ADT in California. They say, it's the very first home alarm company in US with all the most advanced technologies, 4 interconnected monitoring centers working 24/7 and -look here!!!- with the prices from $1 a day in some packages.

It was not difficult to find ADT in FL directly from the site because they have a list of the towns where the company has it's clients. It could be comfortable to have the same home security company managing both properties, she says. So, it was great to find ADT in CA too.

Well, everything is good in internet. And the choise seems to be very winning. The problem is that nobody of her friends has deals with this company and she doesn't know, if she will play a really winning game here. Do you know anything about it?

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