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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gardens In The Muslim Culture

The first time I noticed the peculiarities of the Muslim Gardens was when I saw the mosque in Mariupol. There was a little garden with fountains, pathes made probably with white marble or other white stone near it. In other place there were white peacocks too.

I remembered that beautiful little mosque when I heard about the gardens, the Mughal Empirors built in India. Yes, I continue the theme I began in these my other posts
Arches Of Triumph
Temples Of Orchha

Residences were -and are today- with great gardens. In the garden on the photo here there are over four hundred fountains!

I think, the summer residences of the kings in Europe in 1700-1800 were inspired by these Muslim gardens in India and Persia(about 1600-1700), because they thought, the governors in India and Persia were infinitely rich.
On the photos here are Petrodvorets (Russia) and Caserta (Italy)


Now, the question is: WHY all these gardens in Mughal Empire?
Do you know the answer?
I will say it to you.
It was, for the Mughals, the representation of the Paradise, how it is described by Muslim religion (in Koran probably, but I'm not sure).

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