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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Time Naples

When I was in Naples last time I was so fortunate to find New Castel opened for visitors and took some photos that you can see here

Chapels Of The New Castel, Naples
Shopping In Naples

and in other posts. Here I want to show you some general photos of that city.

This is the very first view on Naples from the expressway Salerno-Napoli


This is the Directional Center of the city. I worked once one month there. It's a great quantity of buildings for offices. Only offices and shops and bars that persons of that offices can need for their job.


I think you will admire this photo on the Naples


Finally this completly surrealistic view on the touristic port from New Castel. I add the address of the original big photo to allow you to have the right feeling of what you see there. Click on the photo.


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