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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Better Herculaneum /Ercolano Or Pompei?

You could see some photos of Herculaneum in my other posts
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and maybe you've asked yourself, what it is?

To be very short, those are excavations of a Roman town, situated under the modern settling, dead during the same eruption of Vesuvius that burried Pompei and forgotten for centuries.
This is the look on the excavations from the access-way.

Улицы Эрколано

Upper level with greenery are the villas, very good conservated, middle level with pedestal are suburban baths, finally the low level are -maybe, I think so- the places where 300 sceletrons were found.

Many years ago I was in Pompei and there was practicaly nothing to admire except the walls of the town. Mosaics, pictures, staues -everything is removed and is in the museums. What is not removed is closed and you can enter inside only if you pay a guide (that is very expensive). Ercolano seemed to me much more interesting. The streets and the houses are entire, there are many paintings and other things -you have not use all your immagination to understand what it was and how these persons lived.
In this post I want to present you only general look on some streets of Herculaneum.

These 2 photos represent look in the direction of suburban baths. In fact, the black holes in the end of the streets are passes to the square you've seen on the second level of the first photo.

Улицы Эрколано

Улицы Эрколано

This other photo is a look in the direction of main street. I did not understand sincerely, why they needed that big stone on the street? To make the cars go slower?

Улицы Эрколано

Finally main street with pubblic water and... what you think?... Shops in every door and hole! (read my posts about Shopping In Salerno). Is it possible that the style of life did not change for 2000 years in Italy???

Улицы Эрколано

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