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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Plants Growing In The Crater Of Solfatara

Left the zone of hot air and soil (Healing Qualities Of Volcano Solfatara ) I crossed the cratere using special paths.


This area is similar to a botanic garden because there are inscriptions near every plant (wekll, not "every"...) and big tables with explanations here.


I just wrote about the trees growing in that zone of Solfatara in my post How Some Trees Can Grow. Those were eucalipts and here is Myrthus. It is not far from that place. The plants can grow really in any condition. Look here: this is not "normal" soil where you would plant something, true?


Some meters later -and we can see great explosion of life...



By the way, I don't know what are these "weeds".
Other 10-15 metrrs and you can see many campers and persons that live there.

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