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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Ways In Italy

The ways in Italy have some peculiarities.

First of all, the old medieval towns have very narrow streets. The new "fashion" of the last years is to create one way directions. So, if you are labytinth lover you HAVE to go with your car in Italy. Without navigator. Your trip will assume sids of extreem journey.

From one side it's good that you have not let to pass a truck in a one-car-large street every 10 meters. From the other side, it's very difficult to find your way when you did not know the exact path to do.

The other peculiarity are the deep-lunged torques when you have to rise the mountains.

Finally, the other new "fashion" are the "go-in-round" crossroads that are created on every crossroad on place of traffic lights here now. No, the idea is not bad as idea. The great problem is that the Italians ("aboriginals") do not know how to drive in this places. They can stop in the center and wait that all others will pass etc. So, if you dive in the center and think you will find free way to go round till the exit you are interested in you can perfectly make an incident.

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