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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sun City, South Africa

Situated in the most affluent area of all South Africa, Sun City is a fantastic place to go for a long weekend break or full vacation, Sun City is a purpose built casino resort, offering the very best in the world of gambling and live entertainment. Located in the heart of the North West Province of South Africa, it is a short drive of a couple of hours from Johannesburg, the worlds largest city which is not on a coastline, lake or river, and its international airport. Pretoria is also within comfortable travelling distance.

Sun City was originally built during the apartheid years in the early nineteen seventies and opened in 1979. At that time (borders have since changed) it was outside of the South African formal area of control, and during that period gambling and topless dancing were not allowed within South Africa. So it quickly became a popular place to visit, and has remained so ever since.

Sun City offers a good choice of quality hotels, and the resort also provides regular transfer transport to and from Jo’burg airport. There are four hotels, each offering its own style and ambience. They are the Palace of the Lost City hotel, Cascades hotel, the Cabanas hotel, and (not surprisingly) the Sun City hotel. They range from the sheer luxury and opulence of the Palace of the Lost City to the laid-back family style of the Cabanas. Something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

In addition to its inbuilt attractions, Sun City is also on the doorstep of one of South Africa’s best known National Parks, the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

The place is also very attractive to golfers, as it boasts not one, but two international standard golf courses. Both were designed by Gary Player, one of which (the Gary Player Country Club) hosts the annual ‘Million Dollar’ golf challenge which attracts many of the world’s top players.

Although a long way from the ocean, Sun City offers a beach to relax on and top up your tan, along with a myriad of water sports and activities. Package holiday deals are available which also take in some of South Africa’s other tourist destinations such as Victoria Falls, Capetown, and stunning Swaziland.

There is also a six thousand seater auditorium called the Sun City Super Bowl, at which world famous acts perform. Over the years since the resort was first built, the Super Bowl has played host to concerts from music legends such as Elton John, Queen, ray Charles, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, and Dionne Warwick, along with many more contemporary bands and solo artists.

The resort offers a very wide range of activities for holiday-makers, including ballooning, flying in a Tiger Moth bi-plane, archery, clay shooting, elephant rides, adventure quad biking, and of course the water sports. Of special interest to many are the malaria free safaris to the superb Pilanseberg Game Reserve.

Sun City is also a significant venue for conferences, and many claim it to be the very best conference centre in the whole of South Africa. And then of course, there are the casinos …

Wow! This is quite a place.

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