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Monday, May 17, 2010

Have The Main Tourist Destinations To Be Closed?

This article attracted my attention because I think about it often when I watch documentaries about the nature:
Some of the world's most famous tourist attractions, such as Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Italy's Amalfi coast, could be closed to visitors within a few years because of worries about environmental damage and climate change, a report warns today.

Some destinations could be permanently closed to tourists by 2020 or face restrictions on numbers and a sharp increase in admission prices, the study, carried out for the insurance company Churchill, predicts.

It warns that in 20-40 years' time the Great Barrier Reef could be "severely damaged", forcing its closure, while other parts of Australia would be off-limits because of a rise in bushfires and insect-borne diseases. Other affected destinations include the Taj coral reef in the Maldives, Goa in India, Florida's Everglades and Croatia's Dalmatian coastline.
I don't think it's real for the Amalfitan coast -I wrote here about it. The villages are really difficult to reach. The only road is eng and dangerous. THIS is their problem. From other side, if they would close the coast for tourists, the population will die from starvation. As for me, they could solve it if there were more and easy possibilities to make this trip by sea. There are ships from Salerno and Naples but most visitors prefer cars.

Прогулка по Амальфитанскому побережью
For very fragile destinations like Great Barrier Reef etc they need more controls, as for me. So many times we not only ruin such places but we "teach" wild animals they have to see humans as friends. And it's not good, I think. Not all humans are good. And animals surely will learn it paying high price for their faith. And it's possible, this price will be their lives.

I would create "aquariums" for people in such places. Do you want to see whales or underwater life? Simple! Do not disturb it diving there but pass an hour or two in that "aquarium" watching that life as you do in the most modern zoos.

Is it not the right way to avoid human impact and to allow to the visitors to see what they want?

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