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Thursday, March 12, 2009

When I Visited Finnland...

I visited Finnland in 1991 and it was my first trip abroad. For this reason, there were many interesting things for me there. Practically everything was surprizing. I traveled much in SU and there are really so many places, completely different cultures to admire. Finland was very different. First of all, it was so as we, in SU, thought about European culture: very clean, "brushed" and full of all sorts of goods. Imagine, they washed the square for the railwaystation with shampoo! :-)))

I was shocked to see an incredible quantity of fat persons, too. White-rose as a color and 1,70m h x 1,70m l as medium measures. It was the first time in my life I've seen that phenomenon of the modern life. Today, you can see it in Italy too, but in '91 it was something completely new else.

What I learned when I was in Finnland was to appreciate the modern art. We visited so many of the modern art museums and there were many sculptures in the streets too. I was not interested in this art before, I thought, it is not art (=ethernal beauty) but the way to explain own emotions. In Finnland I understod that it can become interesting and even enrich the environment.

I liked museums in Finnland maybe more than other places. Because they have a great use to put not only the objects there. There were reconstructions of what you see here in every museum we visited. It is one of "eng" sides of the museums generally. When you visit Pompei for example, you see only the ruins. It is not interestingfor a person. And if you have seen Pompei you are not interested to go in Ercolano ect because there is nothing other as ruins. Museums in Finnland were completely different. You can see the objects this museum has but you can see what are these objects, why and where were they used. And it is interesting.

"Göthenborg" и "Tre Kronor",
«"Göthenborg" и "Tre Kronor",» на Яндекс.Фотках

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