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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whom Can You Meet In Exotic Countries

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This are some things you have to remember if you want to visit an exotic or tropical country.


Try to avoid to bath in lakes and rivers.
In Central Africa, South America and India there is a great quantity of parasits different schistosomas, parasits that enter in the blood vessels of urino-genital organs and rectum.

If you go on the beach take special shoes and a towel with you.
There are "walking" parasits that enter under the skin and walk where they want than there.

Don't eat uncooked fruits, meat ecc.
It's not enough to wash them with water. Peel them if you don't want cook them.
The raw snake meat can provoke tumours.

Protect yourself from the bites of the insects. Take with you a luggage of insecticides. ;))) There are flyes that transport parasits. Those can live in any place of your body.

Even ice in your glass can be full of parasits or fruits in your hotel's restaurant that are washed with fesh water.

There are not places on the Earth where there are not parasits.
In Europe for example those are intestinal parasits, in Africa and Asia those described over here. If you feel bad after vidsiting an exotic -for you- country, don't think many times, run to the doctor.

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