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Monday, July 21, 2008

Pizza Near The Sea

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If you like to pass time or to eat near the sea, you have to come in Salerno. The town is not very great and if you have a car, you can go out in the evening to pass some time near the sea sitting in one of the numerous "half-wild" pizzerias.

For about 20 km the road that is called litoranea goes near the sea, over the beach practically. There are free or paid beaches or beaches with paid parking. But I tell you now about the evening hours, so the beaches do not interest us in this post.

Many of these structures are built so as you see on this photo:

They are made for the persons that come here in the daytime, but in the evening -and all the year long- they are open for pizzeria and restaurant visitors. So, if you go in a place like this you sit practically over the beach and the breath of the sea and the wind caress you.

Why I call them half-wild? Because they are made not as permanent buildings where you normally eat, but are "temporary"(even if they are here at least for 13 years).

After that you can find a paar of places where you can sit some more and enjoy the night, the sea, the breath of the sea and the wind. Maybe you like to bath in the night?

I like these evenings very much. They are equal in summer and in winter because the weather is not very different here. It's relatively warm even in december. Ah, I like pizza near the sea...

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