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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Italy: Sunny November

Autumn is the best season in Italy. I just wtìrote about it in my article Autumn in Italy -Best Vacation ChoiceDo you like autumn? Many of us like it. But here, in southern Italy autumn is long, very-very long.

This year, all November was cool, too. Normally, this month is rainy. And December is lovely, than. But sometimes we can enjoy so high temperatures! Once, it was possible to swim till November! It's not about this year but... look at these photos, they will explain everything without words.

One of the beaches in the industrial zone of Salerno is desert. Nobody tryes to touch the water. I did not touch it, too. The stay near the sea is always not only joy, you absorb this healthy air and the rays of sun with every cell of your body.

Мы на Море

Fishers find always time to sit on the stones that maintain the seaside in the center of Salerno. You can find them here day and night. I looked in their buckets but did not see anything else except young fishes. What is their interest in sitting there is a mystery for me.

The other interesting specie of humans flourish in the town: runners. The seaside of Salerno is very long. And, if you have this wish, you can arrive, comfortably running, till the end of the town. The most beloved is this central part that is about 1,5 km long.

Finally, if you do not belong to fishers and runners, you can always meditate looking on the boats that are slowly passing in front of you, giving to your walk and to all your vacation that incredible sense of calm and extreem relax.

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