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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bella Napoli

Napoli is a strange city. Probably, you could read reviews telling it's beautiful, others write it's terrible. I live here 15 years and visit the city from time to time but I don't love it. I said it in many occasions. And I was not right. I learned it Friday, when I had a meeting in a completely different Naples than I've seen before. Because there is Naples and Naples. Here is the reason of this definition.

Here I wait for the bus when I have to go to Naples, it's about 2 km from my house only.

We have to admit that all the capitals (at least those I could see in my life) have the same problems of overpopulation with the consequences of it. So, central parts of Naples, those most known by the tourists, are not the cleanest neither most beautiful.

Incredible, mmm? Click over to see it big.

As a habitual visitor of the central parts of the city, I could see only the worsest, the most dirty and dangerous places. This time I was invited to come in the place I've never seen before. I was really shocked. I did not wait to see Bella Napoli. Beautiful Naples.

Now, when they explained me where we were, I think, this street has to go down to the sea.

Now I know that Naples is not what you see near the central railway station. It's a decent city. Important is you know where to go. Girls said me, there are places where you can't even imagine to be in Naples -where it seems you are in one of the capitals of Northern Europe. They promised to show me it next time.

More posts about my last visit of Naples I'll publish in "Marvelous World of Travel", invite you to visit it next days and to leave me your precious comments that I love so much!

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