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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation With Your Love? You Are Warned!

Do you love your partner and plan to pass a splendid wacation with him/ her? Choose your aim with great attention! Some cultures are not so tollerant to the lovers as in Europe, for example. There are countries where you will not only pay a fine for a kiss in public place but in some cases they will throw you in a prison for it. Here you will read advices about the laws and behaviour for lovers.

«*» на Яндекс.Фотках

Indonesia. Kisses in public places -from $33 till 10 years in prison.
Dubai. One couple payed $570 and 6 months of detention for a public kiss in 2009. An other couple in a car -$3000 man (drunk), $545 woman
India. A "Scandinavian" woman swam naked in a holy lake.
Indo-China. Russian tourists decided to take photos of the sightseeings ...being naked.
Rumania. Don't take sun topless if you have more than 60 years.
Different countries (among them some towns of Italy) men have to wear bathing suit when women can remain topless (but you have to control the local laws before you go on the beach!).

Do you know other cases?
Help me to make the complete list!

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