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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Power Of Attraction Of Waterfalls


In my previous post Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls I began to tell you about the waterfalls on the river Iguazu in Argentina (and Brazil).

When I read about this trip of a friend of my husband, I thought, the humans surely are attracted by great water and falling water. Turn back to read about my trip to the Cascades of Emerald Valley I described in a serie of posts a year ago. You can see the long and breathtaking bridges that connect different levels and places where you can enjoy the entire complex. A guide told us these places are full of tourists all summer. They come there to stay days and days in the "plates" of water under every waterfall.

Now, I see similar constructions on the photos here. Imagine, they have to be longer and more numerous as those of that little waterfalls in Caucasus (but not so romantic sure). I did not understand if it's possible to swimm under Iguazu falls too. Well, they are so large and high... Probably not. It would be dangerous, I think.

In any case you see there are crowds of tourists.
Who knows, maybe humans, like elefants, have acquatic ancestors too...



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