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Friday, November 20, 2009

Discovering Sardinia With Sardinia Open Voucher

Sardinia is a very intreresting to visit part of Italy. I have friends there and know they have normally better weather conditions as we in Campania. Now there is a possibility to plan and organize a trip round the island using servises of Portale Sardegna that offers special search engine to customize your itinerary online so as you are communicating with a travel agent.

The service called Sardinia Open Voucher is composed from a hotel and rental car formula. You can choose from 60 three and four stars hotels situating in any part of Sardinia and pick up the car and drop it off at the airport. This will cost you euro 29,99 a day. This price is for the period from October till March. It will change surely according to class and seasonality. In other periods the price is higher but it is very interesting the same. Control the price list on the site when you plan your travel.

Sardinia travel is an unforgettable experience in any season. I told you just about very nice weather conditions all year round. But you will surely enjoy not only beaches, mountains and air. There are many important historical places there. The population often conserves it's ancestral traditions and you can partecipate on the folkloric feasts.
Once visited the island, you will return there.

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