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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Following The Path Of Piligrimage

I wrote many times about the castels in this my blog.
About the castels of our zone (Castles of Campania, Castles (2)),
about the different types of castles ( The Types Of Castels)
and I began to "visit" castels on the path of the piligrimage in the Holy Earth, from the North of the Europe to Jerusalem.

I did not know about it till some months ago when one of the girls of our Archeological Group, student of the history of art told me it. If you notice on a map all the most important gothic cathedrals and monasteries, she said, you will discover the Path of the Piligrimage used by medieval believers to reach Jerusalem.

Every later cathedral was built higher and bigger than the previous. To attract piligrims. You see, the world is not changed from that times. Every more or less interesting place lives and lived only to attract visitors. :0)))
The abbeys were very important healing centers too.

Now I want to post here the list of the gotic cathedrals. This list I wanted to study in the next week and want to make the map to see if the girl told me the truth.

Cathedral de Burgos, Amiens, Chartres, Notre-Dame, Siena, Salisbury, Canterbury, Milan, Salamanca, Barcelona, Sevilla, Toledo, Gerona, Estrasburgo, Colonia, Leon, Mallorca, Reims, Vienna, Segovia, Florencia, Lincoln, Oviedo.

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