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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Churches To Visit: Cathedral Of Salerno

Many tourists that come in Salerno want to visit the Cathedral. There is the grave of St. Matthew in the crypt there. Not many of them know about the history of this church and not many christians recognize the holy symbols that they meet there.

The curch was consecrated in 1086 and was built to make Normanns, new governors of the town, more acceptable for the residents. To "consecrate" new authorities were suddenly found the lost tomb and remains of St. Matthew.

After a bombing during the WWII the original normann church was discovered under the barocco-cover of the cathedral and bell tower, and you can see this very interesting architectural style today.

Cathedral is only some hundreds meters far from the main street. It's a place where I have to pass everytime I go to take keys of our museum and where I love to pass everytime, too.

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