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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Modern Pompei

Many persons -and I was so before I came to live in this place- believe that Pompei is an excavation of a Roman town. It's true in part. Yes, there is a great area of archeological excavations there. But Pompei is a modern town today.

We went to Castellammare some days ago and turned back with internal ways. Not central, where are excavations and the cathedral, it would unpossible for traffic.

Many towns and villages are there under Vesuvio. You see how near they are. But the population does not want to go in other places. Not only this, the population here is among the highest in Europe, the streets are too eng and they are not numerous. Everybody knows what will happen here in case of explosion of volcano (and everybody knows that the expectations for the next eruption are about 15-20 years) but...

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