resort and travel: Temple of Serapis In Pozzuoli

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Temple of Serapis In Pozzuoli

The second place of my interest in Pozzuoli was the Temple of Serapis. I was very impressed by this excavation because you can see here very clearly how the level of the sea changes here. But I have to begin from amphitheater. Because I told you last time about it.

I did not know before that this town is situated on the mountainside. The railway station is in the high part and I had to go down about 10-15 minutes to reach the other railway that went in the direction where was our ritrit.

The first time I lose about an hour to find the right way to do and walked around these streets with the sea in front of me. But it was not very nice walk. Because... See the next photo.

Finally I found the temple and made the photo fron the auto-bridge. If you look with attention, you can see me too there.

Click on the next photo and look at the great columns. You see they are "eated" by the sea organisms. It was time when they were under the level of the sea. But first they were in a high place of the greek town. This town is possible to see if you take a boat.

This temple was not a temple but a market- or slaughter- place. And you see one of the rooms on the next photo.

Finally here you can see that the sea is about 100 meters far from this place today.

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