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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free entry to museums

Photo BBC.co.uk

Today I read about an interesting theme: free entry to museums.

Why is it so interesting, will you ask me?
Sometimes people begin to laugh, when I write or speak about free stuff.
I think in this way: why have I pay (or pay too much) what I can have for free/for less? I really don't understand it. ;(((

From other side, if you pay 16 euro every museum you want to visit (in province of Naples for example), and you have to pay the bus/train/car to reach the place/places (from 6-15 euros/one way/person) and you have to do it for several days... Than, remember all sorts of souvenirs that look at you with irresistible attraction... And you have to eat too (that means at least 10 euros/person because you will go in the first restaurant/fast food you see) you will arrive very easily to important numbers.

By the way. I know persons, that travel round the world all their life. They have not very rich look and I was surprised: how is it possible for them? One friend said me: they turn home (in Europe), work hard maybe for a year to accumulate a sum they need and than -travel and travel and travel.

Now, about the free entry.
There are different cities, where museums are free. For example all the museums in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, have free entry. There is a free museum in other Scottish city, Edinburgh (National Museum of Scotland)
Quantity of free entrance museums in England is growing from year to year.

An extra 2.7 million people have been to a museum in the first seven months of the scheme...London has seen the highest rise in visitor numbers with a 157% increase. (source BBC)

In China many biggest cities offer this possibility too ( Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou)

In Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Naples you enter some museums for free if you buy an ArtCard (maybe the name is different in different countries)

Some museums in different countries offer free ammission on some special days or hours (Admission is free for all visitors during Target Free Friday Nights -in Museum of Modern Art/NY. In Italy there are free entry 2-3 days in national museums once/twice a year.)

I'll be very glad if you add some more plases to this my list.

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